Below is an overview of the key features from Toolkit. Once your account is setup it only takes a few minutes a day to maintain and can save you hours every week.

1 Add Clients

Adding a client takes seconds, and once added you can start marking their attendance on activities. Additionally:

  • Attendance helps you find problems early.
  • Progress Notes let you track mood and behavior.
  • Care Plans help you provide better care.
  • Interests let you create activity invitations.

2 Schedule Activities

Your activities calendar can now be managed online. Just add activities with a date and time, and then schedule them to repeat with a variety of options.

3 Mark Attendance

To mark attendance just open an activity, click the dropdown under a clients name, select the appropriate attendance code, and leave notes. Attendance codes are fully customisable.

4 Generate Reports

Eliminate paperwork and streamline reporting. In just a few clicks you can create beautiful, printable documents. From care plans and client attendance, to your monthly and weekly activities calendar. Reporting has never been easier.

5 Client Attendance

Client attendance data is shaped into simple, useful graphs. Use this information to monitor clients, find problems early, and see who might need some special attention.

6 Staff Members

Add Staff and Volunteers to the system and they can help you manage your clients, activities, and attendance.

7 Client Groups

If you manage different groups of clients, or have separate units in your facility, the groups feature lets you manage them separately.